Gem Aydoner’s WRX Brings Serious Subaru Performance To The Land Down Under

Gem Aydoner’s Innovate-equipped Subaru is a track terror from down under. 

As the owner and operator of Performance and Beyond Racing, a tuning shop in Sydney, Australia, Gem Aydoner has seat time in his fair share of fast machines, but something about Subaru’s rally-bred sport compact has always resonated with him. “I’ve been around cars all my life thanks to my father,” he explains. “I was 16 when I got my first WRX. I just fell in love with the way these cars drive – the balance is just outstanding.”

Aydoner’s bug-eye WRX
Aydoner’s bug-eye WRX has a host of STI exterior bits and pieces including an aero kit, hood scoop, and fog lights, all of which enhance functionality while giving the car a more aggressive look.

“We often joke about the fact that this project was supposed to be a basic, turbo-back build that would serve as a nice daily driver,” says Aydoner. “Now we don’t have much further to go before we’re at a full-blown race setup, but I’m glad we chose the path we did.”

Aydoner’s latest Subie is this 2002 example that’s been thoroughly warmed over to bolster both its handling capability and straight-line pull. “We built this car with both response and peak power in mind so we can whip it through tight corners and post some quick ETs at the strip.”

Innovate Motorsports gauges
Aydoner uses a trio of Innovate Motorsports gauges mounted in an ATI gauge pod on the dash to keep tabs on the air-fuel ratio, ethanol content, and boost levels.

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On the handling front, this WRX benefits from Eibach lowering springs paired with KYB adjustable shocks, which are supplemented by Super Pro sway bars and Whiteline end links at the front and rear. Super Pro lower front control arm bushings get rid of the deflection caused by the OEM rubber pieces, while braking prowess is enhanced by way of six-piston Ceika calipers up front and an uprated two-pot setup in the rear.

Aydoner car engine
That EJ207 mill is paired up with EJ205 heads, a Garrett turbocharger, a Hyperflow top-mount intercooler along with an assortment of goodies. It is a combination which Aydoner says is good for about 400 horsepower at the wheels. A Walbro 460 fuel pump feeds the mill a steady diet of E85.

Motivating the WRX is an EJ207 motor with EJ205 cylinder heads, a Garrett GTX3071 turbo, a Hyperflow top mount intercooler, Bosche ID1300x injectors, and a smattering of other go-fast goodies. “On this set up we are around 400whp,” says Aydoner. He says the car recently posted an 11.5 second quarter mile @ 122 mph on E85 with the current setup.

ID1300x Injectors
ID1300x Injectors are paired up with a Radium top-feed fuel rail, while a Walbro 460 fuel pump keeps a steady supply of E85 coming.

ID1300x Injectors are paired up with a Radium top feed fuel rail, while a hardwired Walbro 460 fuel pump keeps a steady supply of E85 coming.

“Ethanol here in Sydney isn’t always consistent and it is a good way to know what I am tuning to. AFR is of course a crucial element of engine tuning – especially when you’re pushing limits of an OEM motor. We used ATI’s 52mm and 60mm gauge holder to mount them on the dash. It’s in a perfect position for racing – you don’t have to look to far away from your path, so you can concentrate on maintaining full control of the car.”

Innovate’s ECB-1 Installs Easily and Monitors Ethanol in Real Time. 

While the car has already seen competition in roll racing, powercruise events, tarmac rally, and the drag strip, Aydoner says they’re far from done building the car. “We currently have another engine getting built for this car,” he tells us. “We’re aiming for 700-800whp.”

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